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Writer & Content Strategist, Mexican American Woman, Poderosa, Spiritual Warrior

Welcome to my profile. I am a creative and spiritually empowered first-generation Mexican American woman living in Chicago. My pronouns are She/Her/Ella.

I am an innovative soul with an excitingly eccentric professional experience that led to my creative empowerment. I love to thrive in fun and unique environments, elevate urban culture and contributions, and adapt to challenges with a positive attitude. Learn more about me by visiting the I AM page at and view my resume and online portfolio for recent projects.

I invite you to read the content I wrote with passion and love for justice, women empowerment, urban culture, and inclusion and belonging in American politics and culture.

Restaurant & Night Life Industry in Downtown Chicago

The Cucumber Melon Body Spray at Bath and Body Works was the scent of the summer for every late 90’s and early 2000’s teenage girl. I conjured this smell with my best friend a few years ago and realized how much I loved the creative strategy of crafting unique cocktails that not only taste and look good but also share a memorable story to connect to guests.

Prior to my first experience behind the bar, I was inspired and informally mentored by a legendary bartender and partner at the Duck Inn, Brandon Phillips. I worked alongside him for a few…

Restaurant & Night Life Industry in Downtown Chicago

When you walk out of work with cash money, you feel like a baller and you’re not but the feeling is nice for a bit. I worked at venues that tipped you out in hundred-dollar bills and some that paid you in stacks of one-dollar bills. I remember the nights I would walk out of work so happy I made $500, but then I felt the fear creep in as I held my heavy bag close to my body on my way to my car. I stopped parking in the closest garage after I knew a man had recently died…

Restaurant & Night Life Industry in Downtown Chicago

Clavada En Un Bar

Dim lighting, from elegant fixtures that dangle looking like long sexy legs with contemporary chandelier heels, invites you to walk into an elegant dining room while you’re guided to your booth by a gorgeously chic hostess. You’re gagged by the hostess’s impeccable bone structure and posh outfit. It’s a leeewk!

Sultry electronic beats vibrate across the room and you quickly Shazam the song so you can listen to it later. After the song is stored, you scan the room and see a diverse crowd of guests but mostly affluent people in suits. …

We are proud to continue to share inspiring voices from Chicago in celebration of Women’s History Month. We hope this short series provided you with new perspectives and insights on the importance and commitment of community work. Read our recent posts for motivation to continue your fight towards inclusive and equitable social justice in your community.

In this blog post, we share an empowering story of a community leader in education, Nurys Uceta, Sustainable Community Schools Program Coordinator at Chicago Public Schools.

Nurys Uceta

Nurys Uceta, an Afro-Latina born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her family was…

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to share stories about women from the Chicagoland area who have been committed to empowering and changing their communities for quite some time. Although NIOT Daniel Island is founded to support inclusion, equity, and equality in Daniel Island, South Carolina, we also support and encourage our community to engage and learn from our neighboring American communities across the States. This pandemic has taught us how to connect despite space and time, as well as appreciate the hard work of all healthcare workers. …

The annual DMV Film Summit provides professional development and networking opportunities for actors, writers, producers, creatives, and more. Creatives benefit from the insights of industry professionals and collaborate with fellow members of the film and TV community. This year, the virtual event will be accessible across the world and hosted by its founder, movie producer, author, and entrepreneur, Tressa Azarel Smallwood.

Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood is an award-winning book publisher and film Producer, CEO of Life Changing Books (LCB), and founder of MegaMind Media LLC. Tressa has produced several award-winning films and TV series. …

Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Cage grew up in the South Side of Chicago. Despite socio-economic challenges, her family is responsible for her determination and commitment to becoming a best-selling author who channels worlds with leading, powerful people of color. She conquered the self-publishing industry and the urban fantasy genre. Now, she inspires many women to prove the naysayers wrong with the worlds she channels and the strong connections she has built with her readers.

About Jessica

Although Chicago is now a melting pot of different cultures, races, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds, historically it was a very segregated…

AAMBC Inc. is proud to celebrate R&B singer Ebony Jenae as a new author in addition to being a singer, songwriter, and actress, making her a tetrad force talent and impactful Black woman. Her forthcoming and highly anticipated memoir, Dear Colorism, Time’s Up!, unravels the pain caused by colorism and anti-blackness as a first step and act of healing. She has shared the stage with powerful Black women such as Jennifer Hudson, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Queen Latifah. …

The time has come to have an important conversation about radicalism after many of us watched the coup take place from the comfort of our own homes. This spectacle not only showed us what radicalism looks like at Capitol Hill but also exemplified the failures of our own American government. Let’s deal with the anger, shame, and guilt by facing the truth. Our country was founded on white supremacy ideals but for the sake of our humanity, all Americans need to bring an end to these ideologies.

Focus Your Energy Effectively

It seems our own government representatives who entrusted the police at the Capitol…

Veronica Montes

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