Writer & Content Strategist, Mexican American Woman, Poderosa, Spiritual Warrior

I am an innovative soul with an excitingly eccentric professional experience that led to my creative empowerment. I love to thrive in fun and unique environments, elevate urban culture and contributions, and adapt to challenges with a positive attitude. Learn more about me by visiting the I AM page at veronicamontesportfolio.com and view my resume and online portfolio for recent projects.

I invite you to read the content I wrote with passion and love for justice, women empowerment, urban culture, and inclusion and belonging in American politics and culture.

The media and entertainment industry shapes cultures, documents history, and shares memorable stories. People continue to connect with these contributions across space and time. Marketers aiming to innovate content marketing series can indulge in inspiration from the many sectors of the media entertainment industry.

This article focuses on exploring inspiration…

Photo by Veronica Montes

Without innovating experiences, content marketing series can become dull and overplayed. In an era where there is an overwhelming amount of binge-worthy content, businesses investing in content series should seek inspiration from the success of the entertainment and media industry to produce content designed to keep guests and audiences engaged…

Clavada En Un Bar

Dim lighting, from elegant fixtures that dangle looking like long sexy legs with contemporary chandelier heels, invites you to walk into an elegant dining room while you’re guided to your booth by a gorgeously chic hostess. You’re gagged by the hostess’s impeccable bone structure and posh outfit. It’s a leeewk!

Veronica Montes

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